Can snakes bite through leather shoes?

Such snakes as the bushmaster, rattlesnake and Gaboon viper have long, powerful fangs and are able, under favorable circumstances, to bite through soft-leather and rubber of the thickness generally used in making shoes, boots and leggings. No species of snake, however, is able to bite through the hard, thick leather used in heavy boots, leggings and puttees, and ordinary boots and leggings are a great protection against most snakes. Any leather ceases to be an absolute protection against venomous snakes after it becomes thin and soft from repeated wear. Hunters in the southern states, says the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, find that leather leggings afford sufficient protection against the poisonous snakes in that region, and a specially constructed rubber boot, with, a shank including several layers, of canvas, widely used by quail hunters in Florida, is a perfect protection for the parts it covers. The late Raymond L. Ditmars, said he would feel perfectly safe from snake bites if’he were provided with, very stiff canvas leggings. Rattlesnakes seldom strike, a person above the knee. A favorite story in the West is about a man who was bitten in the calf of the leg by a rattlesnake. He .died from the venom, and so did three other men who wore the same boots in. turn. It was ‘finally discovered that one of the rattler’s fangs was imbedded in one of the bootsl