Are shoes ever actually made of kangaroo leather?

Kangaroo skin is soft, tough and fine-grained and makes an excellent leather for shoes and gloves. Before this fact was discovered kangaroos in Australia were increasing so rapidly that they threatened to become a serious pest. But after it was learned that the skins had great commercial possibilities, animals of this family were so widely hunted in Australia for their pelts that it was feared some species would be exterminated. Before the outbreak of the Second World War hundreds of thousands of kangaroo skins were imported into the United States for use in the manufacture of shoes and gloves. Whether particular shoes and gloves branded kangaroo are actually made of that leather depends on the reliability of the manufacturers who make them and the merchants who sell them. Undoubtedly in the past much of the so-called kangaroo shoe leather was not genuine. Kangaroos are hardy animals that live long and breed freely in captivity. Their fur is not especially good and has often been dyed to imitate better furs.

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