What is the plural of “ski”?

The plural of ski is either ski or skis. Frequently the plural is erroneously written “skiis,” owing no doubt to the fact that the double “i” occurs in skiing, the present participial form. Ski, also spelled skee in English, is of Scandinavian origin. Americans almost universally pronounce the word skee, but the British generally follow the Scandinavians in pronouncing it shee. The user of skis is a skier. The winter sport in which a person on skis is drawn over the snow or ice by a horse is called skijoring, from a Norwegian phrase literally, meaning’ “ski-doing.”

2 thoughts on “What is the plural of “ski”?”

  1. Not all Scandinavians pronounce it “shee”. In Danish it is pronounced “skee” like it is here.

  2. I’m British: In more than 40 years I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it as “shee”. Utter nonsense.

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