What is meant by. Robin Hood’s barn?

Robin Hood’s barn is the great out-of-doors and alludes to the fact that Robin Hood, the legendary English outlaw and ballad hero, stabled his horses under the canopy of the blue sky. To go around Robin Hood’s barn is an old phrase meaning to attain one’s end or the desired result by a round about way. When a person .arrives at the right conclusion by indirect reason he is said to wander all about Robin Hood’s barn. Robin Hood in Barnsdale stood is the only line extant of an old popular song and it is often repeated in reference to a person who is speaking irrelevantly. Judges in the British law courts used to tell lawyers who spoke’ beside the point or quoted irrelevant cases that they might as well say that Robin Hood in Barnsdale stood. A small cave near Ravenshead Oak at Newstead Abbey, birthplace of Lord Byron, is known as “Robin Hood’s stable” from a legend that the outlaw used to stall his horses there.