How long do elephants live?

It is difficult to obtain accurate information as to the extreme age reached by elephants in the wild state. There is no positive evidence that an elephant has ever lived more than seventy or seventy-five years either in captivity or the wild state, although it is supposed that occasionally one may live to an age of ninety-Eve or one hundred. The age reached by animals in captivity is not always a good criterion of their natural life span because food and temperature are much more regular under such conditions. Dr. W. Reid Blair, director of the New York Zoological Park, says the extreme life span of animals may be estimated with a fair degree of accuracy by multiplying by four or five the number of years that the young of the species requires to reach maturity. In a general way the age cycle of elephants corresponds to that of human beings. They reach maturity at about twenty-five and begin to get old at sixty or sixty-five. It is probable, however, that man has a -longer life span than any other mammal.