Who was the Laughing Murderer of Verdun?

Frederick William, Crown Prince of Germany from the’ time of his birth in 1882 until the downfall of the Hohenzollerns in 1918, was called the “Laughing Murderer of Verdun” by his enemies during the First World War. He commanded the forces before Verdun and the name referred to the terrific losses his army sustained in his unsuccessful attempt to capture that fortress. This battle was the longest and bloodiest battle in all history up to that time. It began in February, 1916, with a terrific German offensive that carried the German Army under Frederick William to within four miles of Verdun in three days. The desperate but successful resistance .of the French under Petain and Nivelle crystallized in the famous battle cry, “They shall not pass.” Two million men were engaged in the action and about a million, were killed. It was said that Crown Prince Frederick William took these losses lightly.