Do hogs cut their throats in swimming?

It is commonly believed that hogs will cut their throats by striking them with the sharp points of their cloven front feet if they swim any considerable distance. The forelegs of hogs are-set closely under the body and for that reason they are not generally good swimmers; but hogs that are not too fat can swim long distances without injuring themselves. In fact some hogs are very good swimmers and take readily to the water. If hogs are extremely fat, however, they are likely to scratch their throats while swimming and cause themselves to bleed to death. In the days of old-fashioned sailing vessels, it is said, hogs used to be carried on shipboard to serve as compasses in emergencies. If a vessel was lost or in danger out of the sight of land a hog was thrown into the sea. Instinctively it would swim toward the nearest land and thus point the way of safety to the mariners. Many sea stories allude to the belief that the hog had to be picked up before it swam more than half a mile or so to prevent its cutting its throat with the sharp points of its cloven forefeet.