Is part of a ten-dollar bill redeemable at face value?

Three-fifths or more of a mutilated United States paper currency bill, note or certificate is redeemable at face value by the United States Treasury Department. When less than three-fifths, but clearly more than two-fifths of the original bill remains it is redeemable at one-half of the face value of the original bill. However, fragments containing less than three-fifths of the original bills are redeemable at full face value by the Treasurer of the United States provided they are accompanied by satisfactory evidence that the missing portions have been totally destroyed. Such evidence must consist of affidavits, subscribed and sworn to before a notary public, setting forth the cause and manner of destruction. Occasionally even the ashes of burned money are identified by the Treasury Department and redeemed at face value. No relief is granted by the government to the owners of paper currency totally destroyed. Persons who wish to have mutilated money redeemed should communicate with, a bank or with the Redemption Division, United States Treasury Department, Washington, D. C.