What is a bull bat?

Bull bat is a popular name for the nighthawk, although it is also sometimes applied to the whippoorwill, a closely related species. The term is used in the sense of a large bat. The nighthawk is nocturnal in habits’ like the bat and somewhat resembles that flying mammal in its swift, dashing flight. This bird, which resembles the owl in its noiseless flight, travels in its migrations from southern South America to northern North America and breeds between Florida and Labrador. It may be seen at twilight in quest of insects on the wing, flying at a considerable height, occasionally uttering a hoarse, jarring scream or rasping cry and often diving almost vertically down. The whippoorwill, unlike the nighthawk, is seldom seen, but the peculiar call from which it gets its name is often heard just before dawn OT at nightfall. Both these birds are related to the swifts and hummingbirds and they ‘belong to the family known as goatsuckers, a name suggested by an old fable that one of the European representatives of the group loiters in the vicinity of flocks of goats with a view to milking them.