What is the difference between bobwhites and quails?

Many people seem to be under the impression that the bobwhite and the quail are distinct species of bird. Bobwhiite is merely the common name for the native American quail, especially Colinus virginianus, or Virginia quail. The popular nickname was suggested by the male quail’s note or- call, which is fancied to sound like bob-white. In the southern states the same species of bird is called partridge, a name applied in the northern states to the ruffed grouse or American pheasant. The so-called American quail was incorrectly named by the early English settlers in America who supposed it to belong to the same species as the bird they had known in England by that name. The American quail, of which there are several species, belong to the same order but not the same genus as the Old World quail, which is a migratory bird.