What famous conqueror was born in Europe, died in Asia, and was buriedin Africa?

Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia in Europe. He died at Babylon in Asia, and he was buried at Alexandria in Africa. Ancient accounts of Alexander’s burial are conflicting. Alexander was under thirty three when he died in 323 B.C. It seems that his body was left in his tent at Babylon for six days after death, while his generals were quarreling over his successor. It was then embalmed and placed in a temporary coffin for conveyance to Macedonia. Philip Arridaeus, whom the Macedonian Army at Babylon chose to succeed Alexander conjointly with the latter’s posthumous son, was entrusted with the funeral rites. The following year he left Babylon with the body, intending to convey it to Greece; but before the journey was completed Philip learned that during his life Alexander had expressed a desire to he interred in the temple of Jupiter Ammon on an oasis about four hundred miles west of the present Alexandria in Egypt. Philip therefore altered his course and turned his face southward. Just what happened after that is not a matter of authentic record. At any rate, Ptolemy, one of Alexander’s favorite generals, who had become satrap of Egypt, succeeded in getting possession of the body and interred it in a gold coffin and elaborate sarcophagus at Memphis, near the present Cairo. Ptolemy Philadelphus, son and successor to Ptolemy Sotor, had the body removed and entombed with divine honors at Alexandria, a city that Alexander had founded in Africa. At that time, or later, the gold coffin was replaced with a glass or alabaster one. Although Arab historians say the ancient tomb of Alexander is now under the mosque Nebi Daniel, traditionally supposed to be the burial place of the Hebrew prophet Daniel, the real location of the famous conqueror’s grave cannot be identified. It is said that Alexander founded and named after himself sixteen different cities.