Can a snake jump off the ground?

The popular notion that ordinary snakes can jump off the ground is erroneous; few if any large snakes can leap entirely from the ground. Most snakes “strike” but do not “leap” or “jump.” Another popular but erroneous notion is that ordinary snakes can strike their full length or even a greater distance. About one-half to three-fourths of its own length is believed to be the greatest distance most snakes can strike. This accounts for the fact that most victims of snakebite are struck on their legs below the knee or on the feet. When a snake strikes from its usual The term may have arisen from the fact that such hats were favorites S-shaped curved position, the front part of the body must be free from coil. In striking at an object the snake simply straightens out tie S-shaped curves in the posterior part of its body with great speed. But snakes do not have to be in a coiled position to strike. They can strike short distances from almost any position. Often a large rattlesnake, when excited, will raise its head ten to fifteen inches above the ground, and in this position it strikes sideways and downward. Snakes seldom reach their maximum stroke even when greatly excited. The longer strokes are seldom accurate. Venomous snakes frequently misjudge distances in striking at objects and miss the mark. There may be a few species of snakes that can leap entirely off the ground. A placard in the National Zoological Park in Washington says: THE COBRA-DE-PARAGUAY, A COBRA LIKE SNAKE, JUMPS AND,CLEARS THE GROUND, A RARE THING AMONG SNAKES. It has been reported that the jumping viper of Central America can jump two feet through the air.

The Physics of “Lost”

If you have been following the television show “Lost” you have probably noticed some hot topics of modern physics making it into the storyline. There are quite a few of them. I probably haven’t noticed them all but the ones that jump out at me are 1) Time Travel of Information 2) Parallel Universes. What follows is a brief discussion of the two.